client coordinator

I am currently a student at UBC in the journey of completing a Microbiology and Immunology Major, with aspirations to enter medical school to pursue a career path in orthopaedics. Having been diagnosed at age 13 with idiopathic scoliosis myself, I received spinal fusion at BCCH in the summer of 2019 at the age of 19, and have ever since been living a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe in individual empowerment and rising beyond any physical label or perceived limitations — which is why I wanted to be part of The ScoliClinic, where each and every team member truly stands by the statement: “stand tall from the inside out”.My goal is to learn more about nonsurgical options such as Schroth that are rapidly advancing and becoming more prominent. I also would like to better understand the biopsychosocial aspect of healthcare– especially the importance of mental health and its role in patient care and recovery. Ultimately, I strive to contribute to the positive, supportive and growing community here at The ScoliClinic to better support you and your family.