office manager

7 years ago, I decided to set sail from Ireland and move to beautiful Vancouver BC. I have always been passionate about working with people and acting as a liaison to support a teams needs, all the way from the Clinicians rooms to the front desk. Supporting people’s needs is my number one priority. After 12 years of working in the optical industry and operations management I decided to venture out and pursue a new opportunity while trying to remain within a clinical setting with a strong Mission. This is what drew me to The ScoliClinic. For years I have always had a keen interest to learn more in the field of physiotherapy, and I became more intrigued when read more of The ScoliClinic.


It is truly inspiring to see their outreach in educating people more on scoliosis, the techniques used and how the company has evolved over the short few years already. I am super excited in having the opportunity to join the team as office manager and work alongside such a dedicated passionate team. I look forward to contributing efforts to spread awareness with the ScoliClinic’s treatment methods and therapy for rehabilitation.