remedial massage therapist

A little bit about me:

Growing up, I loved the idea of making people feel happy. I became a hairdresser and loved what I did, but after 15 years in the industry I needed something new. Learning massage was a perfect combination of satisfying my fascination towards human body and still be able to help people feel better. Once I got my Remedial qualification, I went and worked at resort islands in Australia and Maldives where I worked alongside therapists from around the globe. I received hundreds of hours of training at each location, and that’s when I came to an understanding that an effective massage treats both body and mind, and not bound to a label or a category of technique.


What to expect in a treatment session with me:

Expect a thorough consultation so we both have good understanding of what style/pressure works best for you. I typically start with slow and repetitive movements to calm the nervous system, and lots of warm-up techniques before doing any deep tissue work. My goal is to have you walk out feeling less tense in your muscles, and while feeling calm and restored.

I aim to explain why I do certain treatments so there aren’t any surprises during the session, and so you understand the reasoning behind some of the techniques.

As a healthcare professional, I always try to remember every person has different point of view and truth which is relative to their own experience. One person’s “8/10” maybe next person’s “4/10” so I try to be compassionate and non judgmental as possible.