I distinctly remember that moment I realised that I wanted to work in the Scoliosis world – at age 13, I saw the X-ray of my own spine and my surgeon explained that I had a unique curve there. I was immediately intrigued – how did this curve appear, and what could I do to ensure it didn’t worsen? At the time, treatment options for Scoliosis were not well understood, so my curve did worsen. I was concerned about my physical appearance and my self-esteem was pretty low.

In my early 20’s, I began to feel pain which significantly impacted my quality of life. So, I decided to see whether soft-tissue therapy/massage could alleviate some of the pain. The treatment was highly effective and inspired me to pursue a career in Myotherapy, with the aim of eventually focusing on Scoliosis. Ever since completing my degree, I’ve been absorbing as much knowledge as possible from the leading professionals in this field.

It wasn’t long before I learned about The ScoliClinic in Canada! I was in awe of the difference they were making. The quality of service, vast knowledge, the rapport they build with patients, and the positive team environment was second to none. I emailed to ask Andrea for advice and funnily enough, The ScoliClinic was already on their way to Australia, opening as The Scoliosis Collective! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work alongside the teams of these two companies. It’s a dream come true to help others with Scoliosis.


The following courses support my practice as a Myotherapist:

  • ISICO World Online Scoliosis Master Course (2019)
  • Pilates Rehabilitation Course for Allied Health Professionals (2019)
  • Scolio-Pilates Professional Seminar & Workshop (2019)
  • Advanced Mobilisation Course (2018)
  • Dry Needling Advanced (2018)
  • Bachelor of Health Science – Musculoskeletal Therapy/Myotherapy (2015)