operations assistant & social media designer

As a long term client, I have been able to watch The ScoliClinic grow and flourish into the bustling business it is now. From one physio in one little clinic space, to a whole team across the globe, the ScoliClinic has truly been an inspiration to me throughout my high school years. So, when the opportunity to join this amazing team arose, I was super excited and hopped on without a doubt!

My position mainly revolves around design, but this constantly evolving work environment also allows me to get a taste of all the different aspects of the business. I get to try out marketing, social media, branding… even getting to model a bit for product sales! Though I mainly work behind the scenes, being a part of improving the lives of fellow Scoli-Peeps is the best part of the job. As well, being able to sustain my passion for graphic design in a field relating to health sciences, which I plan to pursue in post-secondary, is definitely a huge plus. Catch me in the clinic tending to our little plants! And absolutely feel free to chat about anything, I’ve been there!