Whatever your background is – physiotherapy, myotherapy, remedial massage therapy, business, hospitality, management – The Scoliosis Collective values growth in any position in the company. There are many opportunities to take on more responsibilities, head your own projects, and satisfy your personal and professional growth.

Want to work with us?

First, please read about our culture – the more this sounds like you, the more likely you will thrive at The Scoliosis Collective.

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be part of something big


We’re on a mission to change how scoliosis is conservatively managed on the east coast of Australia.
As an early member of our budding company, your input will influence how we grow.
We’ve got big dreams and we want you to be a part of it.

Be a PHYSIOTHERAPIST at The Scoliosis Collective

You will be… 
  • Providing scoliosis specific treatment – you must be willing to learn scoliosis-specific techniques. Internal training provided, or financial support will be available for external courses
  • Assessing and treating the spine and all other areas of the body, so well-rounded clinic knowledge is valuable
  • Analysing client X-rays
  • Educating clients and families on many aspects of scoliosis, so strong teaching and communication skills are a must
  • Liasing with client’s wellness network (coaches, PTS, massage therapists, physicians, surgeons, orthotists, and more!) so an open-minded, collaborative attitude is beneficial
You must have…
  • AHPRA physiotherapy registration
  • Masters or Doctorate of Physiotherapy degree, or recognised equivalent
  • Willingness to learn scoliosis-specific tea
  • Familiarity with Apple/Mac products and programs
Scoliosis Collective physiotherapist working with a scoliosis patient in therapy gym


You will be…

  • Planning and providing hands-on, curve-specific treatment
  • Assess and treat the spine AND all other areas of the body, so a curiosity regarding the complexity of the body’s connections is advantageous
  • Electronic documentation of client treatment sessions on an agile EMR system
  • Educating clients and families on many aspects of scoliosis, so strong teaching and communication skills are required
  • Liaising with client’s wellness network (coaches, personal trainers, pilates instructors, Physiotherapists, physicians, surgeons, and more!) so an open-minded, collaborative attitude is beneficial
  • Optional: Participating in teaching engagements and community events and spreading the word about the role of Myotherapy/Massage Therapy in Scoliosis

You must have…

  • Recognized degree in Myotherapy or Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Registered and in good standing with associated regulatory body
  • Certifications in Scoliosis workshops/courses, or willingness to attend courses – financial support is available
  • Familiarity with Apple/Mac products and programs
myotherapist performs manual therapy on muscles of the ribcage

Perks of the job as a clinician 

  • Challenge your mind by deepening your understanding of a complex spinal condition 
  • One-on-one, 45 to 90-minute sessions with each client to allow time for deep connection and thorough care  
  • Structured mentorship program with a senior therapist
  • Experience personal growth in communication, self-awareness, mindfulness with team meeting, mentoring and guest speakers
  • Many opportunities for progression through a career trajectory to help you design the life you want to live
  • Contribute to a cause that’s bigger than any of us- working in an under-recognised area of physiotherapy that is in high demand, with clients who have fallen through the cracks of the medical system
Compensation: multiple options are open for discussion. 
Get in touch: to set up an exploratory conversation (because we want to make sure that you feel we’re the right fit for your needs too!), please email Alexane Escot at alexane@scolioisiscollective.com.au with WHY you want to join us.

Life on The Gold Coast

Do you like taking beach holidays? So do we – so live it all year round! If you’re looking for a change from the city hustle, the kilometers of beaches and esplanades lend a constant holiday vibe (and who wouldn’t love that?). The near-perfect climate is steady all year round; the days requiring a jumper can be counted on one hand.

With a heavy focus on health and wellness, Gold Coast locals can be found squeezing in a quick jog along the water or a surfing session before work. The myriad of unique restaurants and coffee shops have plenty of healthy and delicious options.

Being out of the city, the affordability improves and The Gold Coast offers many options to purchase your first home. It’s also a wonderful place to raise a family, as there are many outdoor activities and excellent schools and universities.

In terms of transport, The Scoliosis Collective is located a short 5-minute walk from the Southport tram station.

Interested? Come for a visit – meet our team, see the clinic, and experience life on the Gold Coast.